Preliminary Programme Structure

By Tracks


7 sessions on 2 days, including 6 introductory presentations and a panel discussion in each session.


Day 1: Achievements


Opening Session

Session 1

Innovative applications made possible by Language Technologies 

(Keyboards, Home devices, Smartphones, Assistants, Translation, Car, Medical, etc.)


Speakers from technology and service providers (industries)


State of the art in Language Technologies

(Spoken, Written and Sign languages)


Speakers from technology providers (academia/industries)


Session 3

Infrastructures and Resources

(Data resources, Open source toolkits, Quality assessment, Standards, IPR & Privacy)


Speakers from data and tool providers (associations, linguists, academia, industries) and regulation bodies



Day 2: Challenges


Session 4

Minority and Indigenous Languages

Speakers from language communities (native, indigenous, national, regional, endangered)



Activities for language preservation, reclamation, and enhancement

Speakers from data and tool providers (associations, linguists, academia, industries) and program managers


Session 6

Approaches for handling language diversity and under-resourced languages

(Low-resourced language technologies, Multilingual, Zero-shot, Zero-resource, Language Transfer)

Speakers from technology providers (academia, industries)

Session 7

The Future of language technologies for All: A strategic roadmap  

(UNESCO, regional and national government programs, industry, research, education)

 Contributions from all (language policy makers, industries, academia)

Closing Session

Important dates
  • October 2019: Tentative Programme available
  • 5-6 December 2019: LT4All Conference

Please note: The conference is LT4All is an invitation-only conference and there is no Call for Paper. Please use the Contact form to express your interest in the conference.